2022 Executive Board

Act as spokesman for the Board of Directors in all matters that the Board is authorized to act, preside at and conduct the business of all regular and special general membership meetings of this association, coordinates committees, meets with council, leads negotiations and much more.

Ryan Shook

First Vice President

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Act as the President in his absence and to carry out all of his duties during such absence, retirement calculations, FLSA or paycheck problems, charity events and much more.  Also Chairman of our 1109 Telestaff committee.

Walter Patton

Second Vice President

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In the absence of the President and First Vice-President act as the President and carry out duties during such absence, political action, public relations and much more.

Keep books, records and accounts for the association, and to maintain them in a current condition, ready for audit at all times, receive all dues contributions to, and other receipts of the Association and to deposit such funds upon receipt to the credit of the Association in bank accounts, and much more.  Also responsible for reporting to the Executive Board, station equipment and supplies purchased by 1109.

Keep and maintain a record of the minutes of all of the meetings of the Baord of Directors and of the general membership of this Association, maintain a current copy of the By-Laws of this Association, post or have posted all general membership and Board of Directors meetings, flowers, web-site and much more.  Also responsible for reporting to the Executive Board, all computer setups and equipment purchased by 1109.

Trevor Mustin

Insurance Administrator

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Research and recommend insurance programs worthy of consideration to the association, keeps books, records, accounts and insurance policies in effect for the Association, maintain records in current condition and ready for audit at all times, Handles any insurance questions and or problems and much more.

Dean Faddis

Member at Large

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Notify all new safety employees of the City of Santa Monica Fire Department of the existence of this Association, political action, public relations, flowers and much more.  Also responsible for maintaining and reporting to the Executive Board, all Shirt Shop inventory and supplies purchased by 1109.